Powerlatch Coupler

Our award-winning PowerLatch Quick Coupler will transform your excavator from a digging machine into a multi-tooled carrier.

GT Series

The Miller GT Series heralds a new era of unrivalled power and cutting-edge intelligent coupler technology increasing job site safety, machine versatility and productivity.

Powerlatch Tilt

The next generation PowerLatch Tilt is our most powerful and innovative hydraulic tilting quick coupler yet.


Our high quality British made buckets are expertly designed to improve your excavator's digging efficiency.

About Miller


Pushing the Boundaries

As the inventors of the world’s first ever fully automatic, universal pin grabber coupler range in 1986, Miller UK has been bravely questioning the status quo and setting the standard ever since.

It’s this commitment to quality and innovative spirit of ours that’s driven us forward and will continue to do so for the next 40 years. It’s how we’ve designed and devised every game-changing idea and found inspiration in every challenge we’ve faced and overcome.

We are passionate about offering the safest products, the finest customer service and the most advanced attachment solutions in the world. It’s why we continue to lead the way.


We’re proud to still have our headquarters in North East England, where it all began 40 years ago. Having grown from a reliable local craftsman to a globally renowned company, we are now equally as proud to supply the latest in coupler technology from our joint venture casting facility in Northern China. From both sites, buckets, quick couplers and other attachments are meticulously created and distributed worldwide.


The Miller name is an assurance of productivity, efficiency and above all, safety. We test all of our attachments to beyond breaking point before a design is approved, produced and operational on sites worldwide. With Miller, you and your operators have the peace of mind you need to get on with the job at hand.


At Miller, we work as a team and we see all of our customers as part of that team. It’s always been our aim to provide you with the durable, value for money products and services that will make the short, medium and long term difference for you and your customers. The relationships we have with you and reputations we share mean everything to us.

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