Powerlatch Coupler

Our award-winning PowerLatch Quick Coupler will transform your excavator from a digging machine into a multi-tooled carrier.

Powerlatch Tilt

The next generation PowerLatch Tilt is our most powerful and innovative hydraulic tilting quick coupler yet.


Our high quality British made buckets are expertly designed to improve your excavator's digging efficiency.


MILLER UK Kicks off “40 years of innovation” at Diesel Dirt & Turf 2018.


MILLER UK plans to celebrate “40 years of innovation” at Diesel Dirt and Turf 2018.

The earthmoving attachments manufacturer revealed visitors to the exhibition will get to see their latest Miller PowerLatch Tilt on show in April. Miller said the product has “taken the both the UK and australian market by storm” since its full production launch last year.

Barry Robison, Miller UK’s marketing manager said, “The new PowerLatch tilting quick coupler from Miller is ideal for those customers who would benefit from having an additional 180 degree tilt function and versatility for all of their attachments, rather than having to invest in sets of dedicated attachments.

“With its slimline ram-free design, the PowerLatch tilting quick coupler from Miller is perfect for use with the narrowest of attachments without the operator having to worry about damaging expensive external rams during regular groundworks.

“We are looking forward to exhibiting the Miller PowerLatch tilt coupler at DDT for our third year in a row and validating how it offers the bulk of functionalities customers seek of a tilt rotator with the flexibility of utilising existing attachments at a fraction of the investment costs.”

Sales and marketing director Brendan Quill described 2018 as a “monumental year” for the firm as it celebrates 40 years of “constant evolution of innovative, ground breaking, attachment solutions”.

He added, “Australia is an important market for Miller and is our first real opportunity to celebrate our 40th anniversary with new and existing customers. We look forward to building even stronger partnerships for the next 40 years.”

MILLER UK Kicks off “40 years of innovation” at Diesel Dirt & Turf 2018.
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