Powerlatch Coupler

Our award-winning PowerLatch Quick Coupler will transform your excavator from a digging machine into a multi-tooled carrier.

GT Series

The Miller GT Series heralds a new era of unrivalled power and cutting-edge intelligent coupler technology increasing job site safety, machine versatility and productivity.

Powerlatch Tilt

The next generation PowerLatch Tilt is our most powerful and innovative hydraulic tilting quick coupler yet.


Our high quality British made buckets are expertly designed to improve your excavator's digging efficiency.

Powerlatch Quick Coupler

Maximum safety, strength and performance.

Our award-winning quick coupler transforms excavators into multi-tooled carriers.


We’ve continually evolved our quick coupler design to excel through the changing needs of the construction industry and new legislation. Our PowerLatch Coupler is the best yet, surpassing everything else in safety, strength and longevity.

Our patented and exclusive Automatic Blocking System (ABS) prevents the accidental release of an attachment. In the unlikely event of a hydraulic failure or driver error, buckets cannot be dropped or swing dangerously on the front pin.


Cast from high tensile steel, it’s light and exceptionally strong. We removed surplus weight from non-load bearing areas and reduced the top section of the coupler for a more compact, aesthetic product. Wear indicators also make the couplers easier to service than ever before.

So if you want to decrease you overall payload and maximise your machines efficiency, use less fuel and boost your bottom line — speak to a member of the Miller team today.


Global Industry Compliance

  • Meets all relevant Global legislation, including EN474, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, AS4772, NSW Workpaper and ISO 13031

  • The PowerLatch ‘twinlocking’ coupler will only allow the release of attachments in a safe, curled position.

  • In the event of hydraulic failure or accidently operating the switch, the PowerLatch will automatically lock on both front and rear pins, mechanically and independently.

  • Ensures the attachment remains securely engaged complying with all current and future global legislation

Universal Connectivity

  • Turn your excavator from a digging machine to a  multi-tooled carrier ideal for performing versatile functions.

  • Eliminate extra equipment on your jobsite as variable pin centre design allows you to easily pick up and swap the widest range of OEM attachments.

  • The Miller PowerLatch coupler allows you to change attachments quickly from the comfort and security of your cab.

  • Maximising machine productivity with less down time.

Miller Mate Coupler Alert Safety System

  • The PowerLatch can be supplied with Miller Mate, an in-cab screen providing step by step illustrations of the correct operating procedure.

  • Miller Mate has been designed to alert external ground workers that the operator is releasing the attachment.

  • Comprising of a LED warning light and audio “Stand Clear” message.

  • Miller Mate offers additional peace of mind that only the PowerLatch can give you.

High Strength Cast Design

  • 100% cast from high tensile steel delivering exceptionally strong performace.

  • Optimized strength to weight ratio to enhance performance while reducing fuel consumption.

  • Proven global track record of withstanding the most challenging working environments.



Dual ABS Locking System

  • Miller patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) mechanically prevents the accidental release of the attachment.

  • ABS visual indicator confirms to the operator the front pin is secured and its mechanical backup safety system is automatically activated.

  • Effectively it locks both front and rear pins which prevents buckets or attachments to swing on the front pin only.

Maximise Breakout Force

  • Innovative fully cast low profile design.

  • Low profile design delivering a shorter pin to point measurement which delivers maximum breakout force for greater productivity.

  • Achieving the perfect machine balance of versatility and optimised breakout force.


Weight Pin
P Class 3.5T 30kg 40mm 172-200mm
R Class 5T 55kg 45mm 220-265mm
Range 3 6-9T 93kg 50 & 60mm 280-320mm
Range 4 10-15T 180kg 60&65mm 345-420mm
Range 5 16-18T 263kg 70&80mm 376-477mm
Range 6 19-21T 310kg 80mm 430-520mm
Range 7 22-27T 493kg 80&90mm 443-525mm
Range 8 28-35T 562kg 90&100mm 482-607mm
Range 9 36-45T 850kg 100&110mm 536-608mm

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