Powerlatch Coupler

Our award-winning PowerLatch Quick Coupler will transform your excavator from a digging machine into a multi-tooled carrier.

GT Series

The Miller GT Series heralds a new era of unrivalled power and cutting-edge intelligent coupler technology increasing job site safety, machine versatility and productivity.

Powerlatch Tilt

The next generation PowerLatch Tilt is our most powerful and innovative hydraulic tilting quick coupler yet.


Our high quality British made buckets are expertly designed to improve your excavator's digging efficiency.

Powerlatch Tilt

Performance from every angle

Our all-new tilting quick coupler offers 180-degree tilt for 3.5 to 20 tonne excavators. Capable of withstanding the most challenging working environments.

Lightest, lowest and strongest

The 180-degree tilt functionality on all models increases versatility and flexibility for the operator and makes the Tilt coupler a must have for a variety of applications such as grading, road construction and demolition.

Its cast compact design is achieved through innovative top mounted arms, which reduce the overall height and weight of the PowerLatch Tilt for enhanced performance and productivity.


The PowerLatch Tilt coupler builds on the proven Miller TwinLock design. This low maintenance quick hitch coupler gives operators additional peace of mind from our patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) mechanical backup, which ensures attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the unlikely event of loss of engagement forces.


Delivers up to 180 Degrees Tilt

  • Achieve more from your machine with up to 180 degree tilt from the all new PowerLatch Tilt.

  • Offers operators additional tool flexibility without having to reposition the excavator.

  • Improves machine versatility, productivity and reduces fuel costs resulting in increased profit.

Global Industry Compliance

  • Meets all relevant Global legislation, including EN474, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, AS4772, NSW Workpaper and ISO 13031

  • The PowerLatch ‘twinlocking’ coupler will only allow the release of attachments in a safe, curled position.

  • In the event of hydraulic failure or accidently operating the switch, the PowerLatch will automatically lock on both front and rear pins, mechanically and independently.

  • Ensures the attachment remains securely engaged complying with all current and future global legislation.

Innovative Fully Cast Design

  • The lightest, strongest, lowest profile innovative fully cast body.

  • 100% cast from high tensile steel delivering exceptionally strong performace.

  • Optimized strength to weight ratio to enhance performance while reducing fuel consumption.

  • Proven global track record of withstanding the most challenging working environments.

Slim-line, Low Profile Design

  • Slimline, external cylinder-free tilt design.

  • Ideal for working with the narrowest of attachments for all manner of tasks, from channel clearing and grading to house building.

  • Don’t have to worry about damaging external rams or cylinders.

Facilitates Safe Quick Attachment Changes

  • Turn your excavator from a digging machine to a  multi-tooled carrier ideal for performing versatile functions.

  • Eliminate extra equipment on your jobsite as variable pin centre design allows you to easily pick up and swap the widest range of OEM attachments.

  • The Miller PowerLatch Tilt coupler allows you to change attachments quickly from the comfort and security of your cab.

  • Maximising machine productivity with less repositioning of machine and minimise machine down time



Self-lubricating Maintenance-free Actuator

  • Miller have partnered with a leading German rotating motor company HKS.

  • Spiral bevel motor allows 90 degree movement with a very robust, low maintenance self-lubricating motor.

  • Auto-lube system saves end-users having to stop work to grease, in what might be a hazardous environment which increases productivity and keeps you working safely.

Angle (°)
Weight Pin
Max Bucket
Max Work
 P Class  3.5T 180 101kg 40mm 172-200mm 1100mm 90bar
 R Class  5T 180 132kg 45mm 220-265mm 1200mm 190bar
 Range 3  6-9T 180 236kg 50 & 60mm 280-320mm 1500mm 210bar
 Range 4  10-15T 180 446kg 60&65mm 345-420mm 1800mm 250bar
 Range 5  16-18T 140 507kg 70&80mm 376-477mm 1800mm 250bar
 Range 6 19-21T 140 617kg 80mm 430-520mm 1900mm 250bar

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Transform your excavator into the most powerfully precise and versatile tool it can be. Ideal for performing multi-purpose operations from the safety and comfort of your cab.

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