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Quick Hitch Couplers


What is a Quick Hitch Coupler?

The Miller Quick Hitch Coupler will increase your efficiency, enhance performance and increase productivity. It will transform your hydraulic excavator from a machine that simply digs, to a multi tool carrier capable of carrying out a number of tasks on site and all at the flick of a switch from the comfort and safety of the cab.

How can you optimise the overall performance of your machine?
Specify a Miller Quick Hitch Coupler and enjoy countless hours of addional productivity and increased profitability.

Get more done every day, Miller Quick Hitch Couplers increase productivity at the flick of a switch.

The Global Leaders in Pin Pick Up Quick Coupler Designs

Over 2 decades ago, we were responsible for revolutionising the way that operators would carry out their daily on-site routine through the introduction of our ground breaking Quick Hitch Coupler, the Mag 7. This new invention allowed machine operators to change from a small bucket to a larger bucket, from a bucket to a Hammer or from a Hammer to a demolition tool or other attachment. This addional productivity was available to the machine operator directly from the cab and all at the flick of a switch.

This turned excavators that had previously been used to dig holes into machines capable of multi tasking. Quite simply, it meant that fitting a Miller Quick Hitch Coupler to the machine it was then able to carry out a range of different tasks that without the quick coupler would have required the additional assistance of one or maybe two machines to achieve the same level of productivity.

Since the introduction of the Miller Mag 7 Coupler we have continued to develop all aspects of coupler technology and are now internationally recognised as THE Global Brand for Quick Hitch Coupler Technology. We supply most of the global leading OEMs with their quick hitch coupler requirements painted in their colours and branded and sold by them and their dealer networks globally.


Our Quick Couplers are recognised globally

We produce innovative solutions that are designed to provide operators with the latest techniques available to help make on site tasks easier. With thousands of couplers supplied to a worldwide customer base we are without question the global leaders in Pin Grabber Quick Coupler technology.

We continue to work with our OEM partners to deliver the products of tomorrow, today. We guarantee all our customers that Miller Couplers provide the very best value for money, as peace of mind is priceless. SAFETY is at the forefront of each coupler we produce.

You can TRUST Miller, thousands of satisfied customers worldwide do.


Quick Hitch Coupler Evolution

Miller was founded as a mobile welding service in 1978, so by 1989, when we launched our original Pin Grabber Coupler, the Miller MAG 7 we understood a great deal about what prohibited operators from getting the best from their machinery. Put simply, this new concept for hydraulic excavators has literally revolutionised onsite working practices around the world since its launch over two decades ago.

With a proven track record and thousands of Miller MAG 7 couplers working all over the world this efficient, durable and simple to operate design has since formed the basis of all product developments. A lengthy and often dangerous process has been reduced to a speedy, safe and efficient task.

The Miller coupler has literally transformed machines from being able to carry out primarily one function to a multi tool carrier switching from bucket to hammer, hammer to tool and all at the flick of a switch, from the comfort and safety of the operators cab.

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Since this original design, we have continued to invest heavily in ensuring that we deliver products that meet the changing needs of our global customers. With couplers available to suit hydraulic excavators from 5 to 150 tonne and to match the requirements of some of the most arduous applications, we offer one of the most extensive coupler ranges on the market.

The Miller coupler range has evolved to suit our customer’s changing requirements. We believe in designing products that provide our customers with the features they require to get their job done more efficiently. From the Mag 7, to the Multi Pin Grabber (MPG), the Bug, to the Mini and the latest model, the Twinlock 2, we have always designed our couplers with you, our customer, in mind. Our latest design has been driven by the changing way in which machines are operated/used. Therefore SAFETY was at the forefront of its design, which led to innovative new safety features which surpasses all other global brands. We invented Pin Grabber technology and were responsible for the coupler revolution, this is our area of expertise and our customers will never be compromised.

Your health and your safety are important to us, which is why you can put your TRUST in Miller TO DELIVER the latest in durable, value for money couplers that are the BEST in the world and will provide you with the most important feature of all – Peace of mind.


Ground Breaking Innovation

As a company, Miller is committed to development in all areas of its business. Product Innovation is an integral part of the company ethos and Miller is continually seeking to improve all quick coupler options with the addition of the latest safety features and technical advances.

Physical product testing of a Quick Hitch Coupler in the Miller Product Development Department. Miller Quick Hitch Couplers are designed using the latest in CAD technology.

Safety is Paramount

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) form part of the R&D process in the design of new products and product upgrades. Both provide predictive performance of products in respect of loads and stress which are then physically verified in the Product Development department with cyclic, destruction and operational testing of product. Finally, extensive field fit and function trials ensure all areas of the product surpass parameters significantly higher than those required under normal operating conditions.

The Strength of Casting

Miller Quick Couplers have always had a reputation for strength and durability, which stems from unparalleled design and quality workmanship. Manufacturing advances have allowed us to further improve our quick couplers by casting the most popular models from high grade steel to produce a lighter, stronger and more durable product. The cast design provides additional strength in the specific areas that require it, whilst minimising weight in the areas that are not load bearing. The end result is a quick coupler that further enhances machine efficiency.

Improving Performance

Miller’s innovation and product development does not stop at quick couplers. In the late 1990s, we took a fresh look at bucket performance, especially when working in conjunction with a quick coupler. The result was the ‘Scoop’, a revolution in bucket design that can provide enhanced digging power, increase efficiency and productivity whilst reducing fuel consumption.

We invest time and money in our products to save all our customers time and money on site.
To get more done safely , you can always TRUST Miller.