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The new reality emerging from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of having an efficient digital platform to enhance online business interactions. With that in mind Miller UK is inviting visitors to explore their new brand refresh by visiting their high-tech website.

This new immersive website is bringing customers closer to Miller than ever before. The brand-new website which has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing visitors to access detailed product information and interactive videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.

The website includes extensive product information to help customers understand the complete range of attachment solutions from Miller. Technical data, videos and case studies work together to provide a detailed overview of attachment capabilities across a wide range of sectors. It also means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting the specification process. This is a result of talking with customers and gaining valuable feedback.

Miller Marketing Manager, Barry Robison commented, “At Miller we are constantly looking for ways to push our technology and communication boundaries higher so we can deliver exciting new products and ways to interact with our customers. It’s with this is mind we thought it time to raise the bar.

We want to reinforce our value and set a new perspective for what lies ahead while holding on to our rich safety and efficiency heritage. We have never been more driven, passionate and inspired as we are today to deliver the most advanced attachment solutions in the world, this is now reflected throughout our brand.

Our new bold gradient stroke which sits beneath is more than just an underline of our commitment to quality and innovation, it positions us where we were, are now and forever will aim to be – above the bar. The new website went live earlier this week.

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