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Miller UK has successfully negotiated new banking facilities from Barclays to support its expansion plans.

The new funding from the Barclays Northern Powerhouse Fund will support Miller’s expansion plans to take on new contracts and expand product development.

Chairman Keith Miller said: “This new funding will enable us to compete for further new contracts and also help us to develop new products lines for our customers both in the UK and overseas.

“We only recently transferred our banking to Barclays so it’s great that they have been proactive to not only support our expansion plans with their Northern Powerhouse Fund but to also provide tailored funding solutions for our continued growth plans.”

Barclays relationship director Martin Brown added: “Miller UK has shown 40 years of innovation whilst being a key part of our local economy supporting a worldwide customer base.

“The new funding from our Northern Powerhouse fund will enable the company to increase stock and reach new markets and we’re delighted to be able to support Keith and his team with their growth ambitions.”

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