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How long have you been working for Miller?2 years

What is your current job role?Electrical Design & Development Engineer

Tell us about your career progression with Miller?I’ve been hired to design and manufacture electrical and electronic products for Miller and it’s my responsibility to grow the department, purchase lab equipment, choose appropriate product standards and develop the products through every stage of their lifecycle.

Miller have chosen to invest their time and energy into my development and as a result I have gained an incredible amount of career experience in my first two years working for the company. I have also developed a great deal in terms of designing electronics and electrical assemblies, but I’ve been involved in so much more, such as managing suppliers; quality and endurance testing; getting feedback from customers, operators and fitters. Miller have encouraged me to be thoroughly invested in all aspects of my products, that I not only have a lot more confidence in them and in my own abilities, but also  feel a genuine responsibility for them.

What do you enjoy about working for Miller?I’m given an amazing amount of trust and freedom to drive my projects forward the way I want to. When I ask for more time or resources it’s nearly always given. To get the best out of employees, you have to trust them, you have to invest in them and give them room to manoeuvre. I think Miller has done this with me really well, but they have also been able to hold me to a high standard. Miller loves to create spaces where their employees can thrive, but in return you are expected to work hard and produce high quality results and never compromise on the Miller value of customer first.

How does Miller support your career development?Support is always given whenever I ask for it, but nothing is spoon fed to me. I am often pointed to some resources and encouraged to find the answer out for myself. I think this is often done for my personal benefit. It would be a lot easier and quicker to be walked through everything, but I wouldn’t develop real skills from this. Miller have challenged me to think for myself, take ownership of my problems and make decisions. I’ve had to use my initiative and continuously push myself into unfamiliar territory, doing things I’ve never done before, achieving things I never thought I could.

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