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How long have you been working for Miller?9 years

What was your job role when you started?Apprentice Fabricator/Welder

What is your current job role?Specialist Products Division Manager

Tell us about your career progression within MillerI began my career with Miller on a four year apprenticeship. Throughout this time I moved around the special products division and learned a huge variation of jobs and different applications, which were based nationwide. I wanted to learn more, so when the supervisor role became available I wanted to pursue this as it was still a hands on role and I got the opportunity to put my own spin on the department.

Miller supported me throughout my promotion and I completed a level 2 diploma in supervising and team leading. After that I continued to build on my experience and felt very comfortable in the role, however, I was still hungry for more so when the department was reformed and the position of Specialist Products Division Manager became available I felt ready to apply.

Since my promotion I’ve had extensive support and one-to one training on job costing, planning, purchasing, profit/loss and monitoring efficiencies. I’m currently working on a level 3 diploma in management, which has given me the confidence to manage the department and guide the team with confidence. In addition, over the past nine years of my career, Miller have invested in various courses for me to complete such as first aid training, site safety, automatic welding system programming, performance management, mental health awareness, grievance procedures and equality, diversity and dignity at work awareness.

What do you enjoy about working for Miller?Heavy plant and equipment is an industry that I love, I find it interesting and I have a lot of friends in the industry too. It’s important to enjoy your job because you spend a lot of time there… I never think of my job as working because I enjoy it so much and I’m always learning something new at Miller. There’s always a chance to go further at Miller if you have the tenacity and drive to go for it.

How does Miller support your career development?Miller is good at focussing on what you do best. They harvest your positive energy and they work with your strengths and weaknesses to put you where you will excel the most.

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