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How long have you been working for Miller?
I have been working for Miller since July 2016.

What was your job role when you started?
I started at Miller as an apprentice Fabricator and Welder.

What is your current job role?
I’m a Test Technician and I mainly work in the R&D test facility where we test new products. In addition, I do fabrication and welding work for the test rigs that we use. I also work around the country collecting data and general measurements for new products and I assist on the fitting side of things joining the Field Service Engineers on full fits and warranty jobs.

Tell us about your career progression within Miller
I began my career at Miller as a Fabricator/Welder, my role was to prepare and weld all of the bucket cutting edges, which included dressing off and tacking the adaptors onto the edges. I then progressed onto the main bucket manufacturing line. I was then asked to assist in the maintenance department to help with any fabricating/welding that needed to be done, including structural welding as well as helping out with every day maintenance, such as fixing welding sets and grinders. I was then recruited by the repair centre where I worked on dump truck bodies and general repair work/one off jobs. Now I am working in engineering.

What do you enjoy about working for Miller?
I enjoy the general positive moral and the fact that I’m encouraged to be innovative and able to try out new things, and if it doesn’t work out I’m supported to try again. The job I do now is really interesting, and I work with a very talented team who can guide me in the right direction and are very experienced in what they do. I learn a lot from the people that I work with.

How does Miller support your career development?
Miller have supported me throughout my time with them in many ways. I was initially put through my fabrication and welding apprenticeship and after this was completed I was then given the fantastic opportunity to work in different fields including fabricating, welding, maintenance, repair work, electrical work and hydraulics. Miller have also helped me to get various tickets including an IPAF Pal card, CSCS card and CCNSG certificates.