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The Next Frontier in Quick Coupler Design: Digger Man Blog

By Nick Drew  |  Tue 30 Mar 2021

Miller Groundbreaking have been at the forefront of quick coupler design and technology for over 40 years now. The company virtually rewrote the rules on bucket and attachment changing back in 1986 when they invented the hydraulic quick coupler, and I’m pretty certain that the first quick coupler I ever used was a Miller, and that continued over many years that followed, such was the trailblazing North East company’s dominance in the sector.

The Next Frontier in Quick Coupler Design: Digger Man Blog

Over the years we have seen many more innovations from Miller, including the Scoop system of low -profile buckets, which I was a big fan of, the Twin Lock coupler, the Powerlatch fully cast coupler and the Powerlatch Tilting coupler, and now the latest reincarnation of Millers game changing attachment systems has arrived in the form of the new GT Series.

Its almost unimaginable to contemplate a life on site without a quick coupler these days, for those of us of a certain age, the memories of knocking pins out and relocating them in the next bucket before, jumping out of the cab again and whacking them back in with a giant sledge hammer, are fading every day, and whilst I still recall the routine, I certainly don’t miss it!

The research, design and development to improve quick couplers continues unabated and Miller like other manufacturers in the sector are striving to find new ways of making the couplers, lighter to improve on fuel efficiency and stronger to further enhance to durability of the units.

According to Miller the new and stylish looking GTS and GTX series of quick couplers look set to herald a new era of unrivalled power and cutting-edge intelligent coupler technology for excavators increasing job site safety, machine versatility and productivity.

The Next Frontier in Quick Coupler Design: Digger Man Blog

Photo: While red is without doubt the most famous Miller paintwork, other colours are available!

The GTS range is designed to fit mini excavators from 1-6 tonnes, while the larger GTX range is designed for excavators from 8-50 tonnes.

The new low-profile design features a shorter pin to point measurement, which is designed to deliver maximum excavating breakout force for greater machine productivity and efficiency.

The couplers feature an innovative cast design using extra high strength steel to increase strength whilst optimizing weight to enhance performance while reducing fuel consumption.

You will be able to find out more about the new range of quick couplers in an interview with Peter Haddock and Miller Groundbreaking’s Barry Robison during the Hillhead Digital online event that takes place this week from today the 30th until 31st of March.

I’m also looking forward to trying out the new systems myself in due course, but in the meantime, checkout this promotional video about the GT Series from Miller.



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